Bacon Breakfast

John and I are semi-vegetarian/flexitarian/whatever you want to call it. We’ll occasionally have meat when we’re at a restaurant, especially if it’s somewhere nice. I’ve been to restaurants in NYC with zero vegetarian entrees on the menu. Not even a simple pasta dish. Only salads! We pretty much never buy meat to cook at home. I say pretty much because I gave in to my bacon cravings last week. This was the second time we’ve bought meat from the grocery store since moving to NYC last June. Bacon is just one of those things… oh my goodness, so hard to give up!

Bacon breakfast on Sunday morning. John was feeling a lot better on Sunday. Well enough to cook us breakfast! Low-sodium thinly sliced bacon, placed in the broiler. Bacon, hash browns, pink beans, and rice. Bacon BreakfastBacon BreakfastBacon BreakfastBacon BreakfastSo rich, so indulgent! Kinda felt like I needed to shower immediately after breakfast. All that grease. Eek. I’m pretty sure this breakfast is the reason we’ve been eating salads for every other meal this week. Hah.


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