Sacred Chow, Greenwich Village

Sacred Chow - Greenwich VillageJohn and I recently had dinner at Sacred Chow in Greenwich Village. I fell in love with this place last time we visited and was excited to try more of their menu. Everything is organic, vegan, Kosher, ethically produced, and 100% delicious. The restaurant was empty when we arrived just minutes before 7pm on a Saturday. About 20 minutes later, the restaurant was completely packed, and there was even a line out the door.

We both ordered the Apple Beet Lemonade Champagne ($9). Freshly pressed fruit juice mixed with sparkling wine. Very refreshing, and the beets added a vibrant color and flavor. It was John’s idea to order this drink, which really surprised me as beets rarely appeal to him. The subtle beet flavor of this drink seems to have won him over though.Apple Beet Lemonade Champagne - Sacred ChowThis sparkling wine cocktail definitely gets my stamp of approval. I’ve been craving fruit juices lately, and this fresh juice blend hit the spot. More, please! Sacred Chow - Greenwich VillageJohn ordered the Thai Ginger BBQ Seitan Panini ($10). Tender seitan strips roasted in a tamari ginger molasses sauce, then topped with caramelized onions and steamed kale on toasted ciabatta. Sacred Chow’s seitan is fantastic. John had trouble finishing all this, so I got to have a lot of the yummy smoky home fries. Lucky me! Thai Ginger BBQ Seitan Panini - Sacred ChowI ordered two tapas dishes ($8 each). You can get 3 tapas for $19.50, but that seemed like way too much food for me. Last time, I made the mistake of ordering tempeh and tofu, and I vowed never to order two proteins again. But here I am, with two tofu tapas dishes! On the left is the Korean tofu jerky topped with tamarind sauce. The thinly sliced tofu had a perfect sear, and the sweet, but tart tamarind sauce was wonderful. Korean Tofu Jerky, Nama Gori Spa - Sacred ChowThe other tapa is the shredded nama gori spa salad. I enjoyed the grilled nama gori on our last visit and decided to try the salad version this time around. Nama gori is tofu that has been frozen, then defrosted to create a chewy texture. It completely transforms the tofu. In this salad, the nama gori is tossed with a house-dill mayo (yum!) and diced celery. This is easily one of the best tofu dishes I’ve had in NYC. I could eat this stuff all day.

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3 thoughts on “Sacred Chow, Greenwich Village

    • wazwu says:

      I’m glad we had a chance to meet up! That mac and cheese was so good and very filling. Looking forward to writing a post about our blogger date soon! :D


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