The Brass Rail, Hoboken

The Brass Rail, Hoboken

A trip to NYC is not complete without a boozy brunch experience. On Cassie’s last day in NYC, we walked to Hoboken for brunch at The Brass Rail. The first floor is your typical sports bar, but the upstairs space was quite nice with hanging lights and comfy booths. I felt a little under dressed in jeans and a sweater as some people were really dressy.

You can order a la carte or choose from two prix fixe brunch options. $19 for two courses or $30 for two courses and mimosas, bloody marys, beer, or red sangria. The waiter told us that the drinks are not unlimited, but you do get more than one. I interpreted that as “we’ll keep serving you drinks, but we reserve the right to cut you off at any time if you get too rowdy and obnoxious.” Hah. That said, we experienced no shortage of drinks as our waiter was constantly refilling our mimosas even after just a sip or two. Yay!

I really wanted to try the sweet potato and ricotta crepes, but they were out of that. Instead, I ordered the French onion soup with maderia reduction and gruyere croutons. This was probably the heaviest appetizer on the brunch menu. Not bad.

French Onion Soup, The Brass Rail, Hoboken

John got the crispy falafel bites with yogurt cucumber dip. The exterior texture is a bit different from your standard falafel, but this was tasty, especially with that dip.

Crispy Falafel Bites, The Brass Rail, Hoboken

Cassie got the strawberry banana parfait. Layers of macerated strawberries, toasted granola, banana whip, and bruleed bananas served in a cute little jar.

Strawberry Parfait, The Brass Rail, Hoboken

John got the sweet potato omelet, while Cassie and I both ordered the eggs benedict. I asked if they could substitute the bacon for spinach or some kind of veggie, but they couldn’t do that. That said, it was a decent eggs benedict. The eggs were nicely poached, but the hollandaise could use a little more work. I’ve stopped buying eggs to cook at home, and this was my first taste of eggs in two months!

Eggs Benedict, The Brass Rail, Hoboken

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5 thoughts on “The Brass Rail, Hoboken

    • wazwu says:

      I’m vegetarian and have been trying to become more vegan! I don’t think I would go completely vegan as I love eggs and cheese, but have been reserving those foods for special occasions and dining out. It makes me appreciate them more! :)


  1. Mitzie Mee says:

    I’ve heard about those boozy brunches, but most of the times, I’ve been for brunch in NYC, I’ve had a hangover from the night before and haven’t felt like drinking anything else than coke on ice:):)


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